Company profile

Our company mainly mantufactures the parts for cars and trucks especially power steering, engines and mission parts.
The materials we mainly use are irons, aluminium and stainless steels. The processing method has an integrated production system from material processing by cold forging to precision machining processing.
Besides we make full use of analytical techniques and pursue rational processing method and the process to respond to customers' requests.

CEO comment

Our company has overcome a lot of difficulties and we are patronized by all of our customers as a representative Japanese automobile and mechanical parts manufacturer. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the warm support of all of you.
Currently, the environment surrounding companies is severe, however we are promoting technological development and rationalization in order to cope with this situation, and constantly seeking "What is the challenge for tomorrow ..." We have continued to make constant efforts and training.
We are aiming to make a company trusted by everyone and contribute to society.
We would appreciate your continuous support.

CEO Shigehiro Horii

Company Profile

Address1955 Shimogarako Higashimatsuyama city Saitama prf
Tel +81 493 23 6111
Fax +81 493 23 6693
CEOShigehiro Horii
Establishment of a companyAug,1937
Capital¥18 million
Site areaSite area 7,100 ㎡
Factory 3,000 ㎡
Contents of a businessCold forging/Precision machining
BanksJapan Finance Corporation (JFC)
Musashino Bank, Ltd
Saitama Resona Bank, Limited
CustomersUD Trucks Corporation
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd
KYB Corporation
Bosch Corporation
Knorr-Bremse Commercial Vehicles System Japan
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd
Neturen Co.,Ltd
Saito Byora
Tokyo Byokane Co.,Ltd
ETO Co., Ltd
Technical tie-upWTK Automobile Parts Co., Ltd
Address : No.2, JinYang Road, Wuhan Yangluo Economic Development Zone, WuHan City, HuBei Province, P.R.China
Contents of a business : Cold forging/Precision machining


Aug, 1937 The founder Kosaku Sekiguchi started the business as "Sekiguchi Orimono Kogyo" in Higashi matsuyama, Saitama.
Apr,1960 Changed from the textile factory to auto parts factory and "Sekiguchi Sangyo" was founded
Sep,1964 Capital increase ¥2.5 million
Apr,1968 Capital increase ¥5 million
Jun,1969 Capital increase ¥10 million
Aug, 1970 Capital increase ¥18 million
Sep,1980 Added 660 square meters factory for demand expansion
Apr,1982 Added 300 square meters factory for Introduction of plastic forming
Installed 3 presses of 800 ton, 630 ton and 150 ton. Bright annealing furnace and shot blast
Introduced Bonderite treatment facility and the press line was completed
Jun,1988 Added 300 square meters press factory
Oct,1990 Installed hydraulic transfer for cold forging, 600 ton press transfer, 400 ton press, 250 press
Mar,1996 Won the Technology Development Excellence Award by Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd
Apr,2000 Acquired ISO 9001 certification
Jan,2004 Installed Transfer for cold forging 630 ton press
Apr,2005 Installed Transfer for cold forging 400 ton press
Aug,2007 Added a 250 square machining factory
Nov,2007 Acquired ISO 14001 certification
Oct,2011 Was elected "Sainokuni "factory by Saitama prf
Apr,2014 Was awarded as prime customer by Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd
Dec,2014 Installed transfer for cold forging 800 ton Double acting servo press
Mar,2015 Made a technical partnership with Wuhan City Railway Research Automobile Parts Co., Ltd


15 minutes on foot from south exit of Tsukinowa Station.(Tobu Tojo Line)
5 minutes by car from Higashimatsuyama IC.(KAN-ETSU Exp. Way)
Headquarter:1955 Shimogarako Higashimatsuyama city, Saitama, Japan
TEL+81 493 23 6111
FAX+81 493 23 6693